Who manages your family’s financial plan?

Although a senior wealth advisor by title, think of Brad Bennest as your family’s financial quarterback.

When clients come to him with the most important money matters, Bennest’s role is to understand, plan and execute.

And he is surrounded by a team of experts at Raymond James Ltd. from Vancouver to help fill in the gaps, much like a support team of wide receivers, linebackers and running backs.

“Successful families have complicated financial situations and they need a team of specialists to advise them,” notes Bennest. From financial planners, accountants, trustees, investment managers and tax specialists, the Bennest team has all the “players” to help you develop and execute an effective financial plan for your family.

Bennest’s client base typically has over $1 million to invest and falls into three categories: business owners, retirees, and business executives. These are the kinds of people who need investment management, financial planning and estate planning, and that’s exactly what the team at Raymond James Ltd. focuses on.

Whether you are approaching retirement, selling the family business or real estate, Bennest and his team can advise you and put a plan in place.

“We take the time to clarify what’s important to you, what your goals are, and create a financial plan tailored to your situation. Our plans integrate all of your investments, real estate and businesses and cover taxes, retirement, estate planning and any cash flow needs you may have,” says Bennest.

“Additionally, we review and update these plans every 2-3 years to make sure everything is on track. We recognize that your situation will change over time and we adjust the plan accordingly.

What are the challenges of the day? The Raymond James team sees two big ones: how to protect and grow your money in a year when markets are down and how to organize a retirement and estate plan to transfer your wealth to the next generation.

“Will my money last for what I spend? ‘How can I minimize taxes?’ “How do I properly organize my financial affairs for the next generation?” “These are the kinds of questions we answer every day,” Bennest says.

“You never get bored,” he continues. “We love what we do, and it’s very rewarding to help our client families achieve their financial goals.”

Brad Bennest is Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager at Raymond James Ltd.

To arrange a free consultation call, call Brad Bennest at 604-659-8454 or email [email protected]