Volvo Financial Services launches Volvo Rental in Brazil

Volvo Financial Services (VFS) has launched Volvo Rental, a new service offering short-term rental options for Volvo trucks, buses and construction machinery in Brazil. Plans are longer term ranging from 24 to 60 months.

“Volvo Rental expands growth opportunities for our customers by providing access to Volvo vehicles and machinery with lower initial investments,” said Carlos Ribeiro, President of VFS South America. “The tenant only assumes the monthly payments, which allows them to easily and accurately forecast expenses on their balance sheet and free up capital to invest in other areas of their business.”

Trends are moving toward rental and lease agreements that define costs and provide equipment flexibility, so businesses can now meet seasonal demand and scale.

In addition to financial flexibility, all Volvo Rental assets are covered by Volvo maintenance and service plans, maximizing uptime to provide peace of mind to customers. VFS Brazil offers a full range of financial solutions, including traditional vehicle financing, parts and service financing, insurance and Consorcio. Volvo Rental will also be a comprehensive offering for market customers.

“Volvo Rental is another important step in expanding our service portfolio,” said Johan Hoff, senior vice president and head of equipment as a service at VFS. “Unlike other rental services, VFS is able to offer customers in Brazil a more complete offer, thanks to our experience and knowledge of commercial vehicles and equipment.”