Suzanne Siracuse moves the podcast to the “Financial Advisor” platform

Suzanne Siracuse has moved her “The Big Reveal” podcast series to Financial Advisor magazine’s podcast platform. The popular series joins Financial Advisor‘s Invest In Women, another podcast series, which was co-designed with the Invest In Women conference and launched in June. The two separate series can now be found on Financial Advisor’s podcast platform.

Now in its third season, “The Big Reveal” features interviews with big-name innovators, influencers and industry leaders…with a twist: Guests are invited to publicly “reveal” something about themselves. for the first time. The podcast discussions focus on the subjects’ personal and professional journeys, but also collect their views on news, hot topics, and industry trends.

“Each season, I learn so much from my guests, and I’m sure our audiences do the same,” says Siracuse, a wealth management industry consultant and former Investment News publisher and CEO. “Of [Envestnet’s] Bill Crager at [FMG Suite’s] Samantha Russell and [Nationwide’s] Kristi Rodriguez, these industry leaders and experts provide advisors with information that is not only practical, but also compelling. »

Now in its third season, the current series kicks off with an in-person episode filmed at the Future Proof conference in California in September. Siracuse interviews fintech innovator Oleg Tishkevich on topics ranging from the importance of owning your data, what most companies are wrong about when it comes to technology adoption by advisors, and his take on the next big thing to hit our industry.

Siracuse also announced that it has a new partner for the podcast’s third season: Invent, a cloud-native integration platform as a service and technology consulting firm that offers a unique approach to system design. , data architecture, integration and digital experiences. Invent is dedicated to serving the needs of businesses and RIAs in the wealth management industry.

Financial AdvisorThe Invest In Women podcast launched last summer and consists of two new podcasts each month. Participants have included Jean Edelman, Sheryl Hickerson, Susan Bradley, Perth Tolle and Kimberly Foss. It is hosted by Melissa Carter and Antoinette Rodriguez. Upcoming podcasts feature Envestnet Co-Chief Investment Officer Dana D’Auria and Advisor Trainer Erin Botsford.