Results are in for the International Association of Registered Financial Advisors National Financial Plan Competition

2022 National Financial Plan Competition First Place Team of Sarah Chamberlain and Andrew Mathis

The competition challenges my students to develop different skill sets…creating a financial plan, presenting it, and defending how and why they came up with the recommendations…Dr. Luke Dean, RFC®, Professor at Utah Valley University.

The official results of the judgment:

First place: Sarah Chamberlain and Andrew Mathis

Second place: Brooke Gibson and Max Gledhill

Third place: Sam Jensen and Jakob Wagner

For more than a decade, the IARFC has continued to invest in this national event, supporting the future of the financial services industry. The plan competition prepares undergraduate students in a financial services program for the real world of financial counseling by asking them to turn fictional family data into a reality-based financial plan. The competition takes place in three stages: an initial review by professional consultants to reduce the number of plan entries to 6 semi-finalists; a semi-final stage which identifies the top three finalists; and the final where the top teams present themselves in person to members of the IARFC American Section Board of Directors to be judged.

All of the above teams this year were from Utah Valley University’s Financial Planning Program. Professor Luke Dean, Ph.D., RFC® emphasizes the importance of his students’ participation in the process: “The competition challenges my students to develop different sets of skills…creating a financial plan, presenting it and advocate how and why they came up with the recommendations. It is also an opportunity for these students to network with experienced consultants in the industry. IARFC professionals are the kind of people UVU wants to influence their students.”

The results were announced and prizes were distributed at the Thursday evening banquet by corporate sponsor representatives Barry Dayley, MRFC® of Money Concepts International and Robert Laraia, RFC® of Northstar Wealth Partners. Dayley, who sits on the IARFC Board of Directors, gave the keynote address which included sound advice for the student’s future careers. More importantly, he highlighted the impact they can have on the financial security of the people they serve.

Brad Maples Sr., MRFC®, President of the US Chapter shared his thoughts. “Congratulations to Andrew and Sarah for winning top honors in the Design Competition. It is a great accomplishment and one to cherish. Hard work has made all teams a winner – now and in their future endeavours.

The US Chapter appreciates its corporate sponsors and individual donors who have invested in this year’s contest. Their investment continues to support the philosophy of Loren Dunton, the “Father of Financial Planning”, that the role of a finance professional is indeed a very noble calling.

Complete information about the 2022 IARFC U.S. Section National Financial Plan Competition can be found at The 2023 event is in the planning stages, with the Chapter reaching out to educators and sponsors in the near future.

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