Registration Prepares for IARFC National Financial Plan Competition

The competition challenges students to crunch the numbers and create a financial plan just like we do in the real world…Bradley K. Maples Sr, MRFC®, Chapter Board Chair American IARFC

For each competition, the narrative consists of numbers and family stories that will be interpreted by students into a comprehensive financial plan that is presented to a panel of judges. Bradley K. Maples Sr, MRFC®, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the American Section of the IARFC, believes that this is a creative way for students to put their learning into practice. “The competition challenges students by asking them to analyze the numbers and create a financial plan, just like we do in the real world,” says Maples. “In addition, we include an emotional component in the plan so that the students get used to dealing with the human factors that we face. It’s not just about presenting the facts, it’s about paying attention to the family as a whole and listen to their needs does not come from a textbook This year, Barry Dayley, MRFC®, the Money Concepts International representative, will prepare the case narrative.

For faculty wishing to register their students, please visit for specific details and rules. Participation agreement must be received no later than September 24 for students/teams to compete. Judging will be done in several phases with 3 teams finally meeting in a final at a location yet to be determined.

“I encourage faculty to register their teams as soon as possible,” noted Vicki Caplinger, IARFC’s CNPA Coordinator. “The finals are my favorite part where we see the student teams compete in person. I am proud that the IARFC has facilitated this hands-on experience for the next generation of financial consultants and I look forward to working with the competitors of 2023.”

The IARFC is also seeking corporate sponsors and individual donors to play a major role in the success of the 2023 competition. “I appreciated our firm’s commitment to the NFPC,” says Robert Laraia, RFC® and whose NorthStar Wealth Partners, was a corporate sponsor in 2021 and 2022. “This is part of a plan to give back to a profession that has brought me great success and personal satisfaction. I want students to understand how they can really impact the financial security of their clients by helping them plan for the future.

Complete information can be found by visiting or emailing [email protected]

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