New management for Ostrofe Financial Consultants

Over 35 years ago, Allen Ostrofe and his wife Sabine moved to Grass Valley, after years of working overseas. From 1970 to 1984 Ostrofe worked in New York, Germany and Argentina. He was a director of the multinational corporation J. Walter Thompson.

“My job was to ensure the profitability, in US dollars, of our company during a war between Argentina and England,” Ostrofe said. “Our goal was asset preservation during a period of 440% inflation.”

After 14 years of protecting corporate assets, he felt a strong personal urge to help protect individuals’ assets.

In 1984, Allen and Sabine decided to start their own business. They visited Allen’s father, Frank Ostrofe, who worked in the financial services industry as a traditional stockbroker. They saw their business take a different direction — they decided to open a business that would provide the full range of financial services, such as retirement and estate planning, insurance, tax, education funds children, investments and other services being part of the whole planning process.

“The most important thing,” says Ostrofe, “is helping people prepare for retirement while building a legacy for their heirs.”

In 1988 Frank Ostrofe retired and Allen purchased the business to add to his own. Ostrofe Financial Consultants, Inc., grew from zero assets under management in 1984 to $228 million in assets advising clients in 32 states in 2018.

Allen Ostrofe became one of the first paid financial advisers. Other financial advisers worked on commission, but Ostrofe was not just interested in buying and selling stocks, but also in helping families deal with financial issues that put them at risk. challenge, as well as to their beneficiaries, or, as Ostrofe puts it, “the issues that keep them awake at night.” !”

“The majority of our customers are outside of Nevada County, so we’re a net importer of businesses in Nevada County,” Ostrofe says with a smile.

OFC is deeply committed to local communities.

“We believe in not only helping families financially, but also in being involved in the community through Rotary, our churches, and various non-profit organizations that we have supported over the years. »


“An important part of financial planning is planning for your own practice’s transition,” says Ostrofe. “Many financial planning practices end when the founder resigns or dies. With the heavy responsibility of clients and their families, we wanted to move to like-minded management. We wanted a transition where we could be an active part of that transition instead of walking into the sunset.

Ostrofe began 10 years ago to search for the ideal person or team to assume the future leadership of OFC.

“We had many interviews over the years, and none of them seemed to fit. Who would treat our client families properly instead of just who had the money to buy the practice?”

“We had known Seth’s (Leishman) father for over 15 years. Seth had indirect roots in the region through his wife. So, over a period of nearly a year, we discussed our mutual needs and came to an agreement in January 2016.”

At that time, Leishman, a 13-year-experienced financial adviser on the Central Coast, was named owner. Leishman is also a CPA, which suited OFC’s needs perfectly, as tax planning is an essential part of overall financial planning. He was appointed Chief Investment Officer in January 2016.

Of the decision to transfer ownership, Leishman recalls, “When I met Allen and heard about the company, I knew right away that their primary concern was customers and their communities. . Allen and I had the same priority, so I knew that through this practice, I would be able to continue this same model of service.

In 2018, Leishman became majority owner of OFC, giving it a majority stake. At that time, he became OFC President and Ostrofe became “President Emeritus”.

Ostrofe will continue to be part of OFC’s management for the foreseeable future, while Leishman will assume responsibility for the company’s vision, growth and leadership.


Leishman brings over 15 years of experience as a financial advisor, including holding CPA and CFP® designations.

He was previously Principal/Partner Financial Advisor, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of a $300 million registered investment advisory firm in Santa Maria, California. Seth has managed and researched all of the firm’s investment portfolios, as well as met and advised clients on investment, tax, estate and retirement planning.

Seth’s in-depth cash flow analysis approach to financial and retirement planning helps bring clarity to clients’ financial picture. He looks forward to meaningful and trusted relationships with OFC customers in the decades to come.

Seth grew up in Santa Maria, California and graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in business economics and accounting. He and his wife Tara have four young children who have fallen in love with all the outdoor activities Nevada County has to offer. Seth is a self-proclaimed “car guy”, an avid (if mediocre) golfer, and loves all things sports and the great outdoors. Seth has been a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts for over eight years, including as an Eagle Scout himself. He enjoys getting involved in community events and charitable causes.


In November 2018, OFC moved its offices from Brunswick Road to 420 Sierra College Drive, gaining one thousand square feet, wide wheelchair-friendly ramps, large windows with views of the beautiful Grass Valley pines, and a conference room suitable for your family. you choose to invite everyone to discuss your financial future.

In 2017, OFC brought in Nathan Leishman, who has the rare achievement of being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), adding even deeper knowledge to the financial advice clients receive.

“We will continue the tradition of customer care and concern which has always been important to OFC,” said Leishman. “Our clients are part of the family. Although this is a transition, our tradition of being there for our customers through thick and thin will never change.