Morgan County Hires Financial Consultants to Meet Future Needs

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners has approved a contract with Reedy Financial Group to provide accounting and financial advisory services.

Commissioner Bryan Collier said that since current auditor Dan Bastin will step down in December and take his knowledge of government accounting with him, the county will hire Reedy to help the county “develop and maintain an operating financial plan term for the capital”.

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The company will help with cash flow projections, 5-year revenue projections, and 5-year expense projections. The company will help calculate property tax rates.

Reedy will also help the auditor and the county council with budgeting.

The cost of the contract will depend on the amount of work the company is doing for the county.

Commissioners approved a contract with Malcon Malinowski Consulting Services for the annual IV-D cost allocation plan. The contract is for three years and costs $7,300 per year.

other business

Commissioners approved a grant application for the Court Services Department. The grant will not exceed $150,000 from the Indiana Department of Corrections. It will be used for juvenile offenders.

He also approved a grant application for the county health department for $19,582. The money will be used for a part-time nurse.

The council approved a deed that transferred ownership of the property to Indiana American Water Inc. The property is located in Mooresville and is being used to improve the city’s water service.

Tort Claims

Commissioners voted to send two tort claims to the county’s insurance company.

One claim, filed by law firm Ken Nunn, relates to an accident on the I-69 ramp near Burton Lane. A driver failed to stop and rammed the driver in front of him.

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The second claim is from Keller & Keller and involved an accident at the intersection of East County Line Road and Racoon Run Road. One driver failed to see the other driver and the two vehicles collided at the intersection.

The next meeting of the Morgan County Board of Commissioners is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, October 17, at the Morgan County Administration Building, 180 S. Main St., Martinsville.

Morgan County Drainage Board

Work will begin later this year to remove the trees that have taken root at the bottom of the Sartor Ditch.

At their meeting on Monday, Oct. 3, members of the Morgan County Drainage Board approved a contract with Anderson Excavating to remove the trees.

Morgan County Surveyor Terry Brock and County Stormwater Coordinator Bill Dials said the contract was for $10,000.

Work will begin at the York Street Bridge and proceed north approximately 1,200 feet or around the ball diamond.

Brock said the work will be done by hand over the winter and should be complete by March 2023. He said the trees will be cut as close to the ground as possible and then the remaining stumps will be processed so that they do not grow back.

Dials said cut trees will be removed from the site for disposal.

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The work should allow for better water flow in the ditch.

This tree removal work in the ditch will help MSD Martinsville plan the installation of synthetic turf on the soccer field, the baseball field and the softball field. Although there is underground storm water retention, the council has allowed the school to install two drain pipes which will allow water to overflow into the Sartor ditch.

Hilldale Cemetery Ditch

The work to lower the bottom of the Hilldale Cemetery ditch is nearing completion. Brock said the contractor is to remove the culvert that leads to the old truss and reinstall it at a new location. The house must be removed. The new location of the culvert will allow access to the field for agricultural machinery.

Council has also agreed to commission a technical study of the Hilldale Cemetery ditch.

The next Morgan County Drainage Board meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 7 in the Morgan County Administration Building.