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Denver, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Denver, Colorado —

Lynn Dunston, an accomplished financial advisor from Colorado, is one of many associates at Moneta Group, a fee-based wealth management trust company. Lynn leads the Denver-based Moneta – Dunston finance team, which provides services such as trust investment planning and advisory services including tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, corporate finance education, risk management planning and business planning. Lynn Dunston currently educates and promotes her company’s services to small family businesses who need guidance in managing their considerable assets.

Compared to non-family businesses, family businesses are quite different. Relationships between founders, executives, and board members of family businesses take center stage because they are often related to each other by blood. This tends to complicate even the simplest decisions for these companies, because a bad call is more than just falling into the red at the end of the year. Conflicts while running a business alongside family members could mean a weakening of the bonds between them and possible fractures between siblings. These could not only harm the lives of those who have a day-to-day interest in running the business, but also affect the relationships of their extended family members. Therefore, running a successful family business that constantly innovates, generates a healthy profit, preserves family wealth and brings family closer together is an extremely difficult balancing act.

Lynn Dunston explains the complexity that family business owners face saying, “There are three priorities that are constantly in mind when running a family business. The first is business growth and proliferation, which includes hiring new talent, expanding operations, reducing debt, and more. The second is the combination of their ambition and desires, which may include reaching a certain net worth before a certain age, spending time with loved ones, and perhaps donating to charitable causes. . Finally, the third thing they have to juggle is the debt they owe their family they were born into. When you represent a prestigious family, it comes with an almost stoic responsibility to preserve their heritage and legacy. The only way to pass on the gift of wealth from generation to generation is to ensure that the relationships between family members remain strong. As a small business financial advisor, I’ve had these conversations with my clients time and time again. I have learned from these experiences and intend to use the lessons to help families running their own empires ensure their long-term survival and prosperity. If you or your business fits this description, be sure to call me and my team in Denver. We have the tools and expertise you need to plan for and secure the future of your family and your business.

One of the best ways to ensure that a family’s wealth doesn’t diminish over generations is a concept called an “estate freeze”. It is a set of strategies that allow the family to “freeze” the present value of an estate, sometimes while providing a current value income stream to an owner, while simultaneously transferring future appreciation of the succession to other heirs. These strategies can also be very effective in saving property taxes. Some estate freeze strategies include intra-family loans, family limited partnerships, family LLCs, installment sales, private annuities, stock recapitalization strategies, gift strategies, grantor-retained annuity trusts ( GRAT) and Intentionally Defective Licensor Trusts (IDGT).

A financial advisor experienced in maintaining small family businesses will also ask families to consider scenarios such as what happens if the chief patriarch or matriarch dies or suffers a long-term disability, to whom the property of the business transferred in such a situation? , how to ensure the liquidity of tax debts and redemptions, how will the procedure be divided in the event of the sale of the company’s assets, and many other questions that can cause a breakdown in the family if they are not not resolved beforehand. As always, remember to consult a properly licensed professional before making any financial, investment, tax or legal decision.

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