Introducing First Fidelity Guarantee, a financial services company skilled in brokering CDs, IRAs and money market accounts

First loyalty guarantee is a Certificate of Deposit Brokerage Company that is competent in the field of placing deposits or facilitating the placement of third party deposits with FDIC insured depository institutions.

Simplified for the layman, a traded CD is a certificate of deposit offered by a brokerage but issued by a bank. Since they are issued by a bank, traded CDs can be insured by the FDIC just like other CDs. The standard insurance coverage limit of up to $250,000 per depositor, per type of account ownership, per financial institution, applies. This protection is available to anyone whose broker is a partner of an FDIC-insured bank.

Traded CDs can earn interest just like other CDs. This may be a fixed interest rate that applies for the duration of the CD. But one can earn a higher return with a traded CD than with a regular CD.

First Fidelity Guarantee attaches the utmost importance to the security of its bank CDs. This is why the brokerage company ONLY uses federally insured and guaranteed bank CDs. The security of a bank CD purchased through First Fidelity Guarantee is the same as that of a CD purchased directly because the CD is “direct” from a bank. “We have numerous banking partners across the United States and only work with FDIC-insured banks willing to pay above-average returns on deposits to our private customers,” said an executive at the FDIC. society.

For clients concerned about service fees, First Fidelity Guarantee does not charge any administration or advisory fees for its services to its private clients. The company is paid directly by the institution to help them open new deposit accounts, so they will never charge a fee on their customers’ deposit, as 100% of the deposit will earn interest.

First Fidelity Guarantee is adept at opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), a tax-advantaged savings account that individuals can open to save and invest for the long term. An IRA is designed to encourage people to save for retirement. Anyone who has earned income can open an IRA and take advantage of the tax benefits these accounts offer.

Additionally, First Fidelity Guarantee is proficient in opening money market accounts for its clients. The term Money Market Account (MMA) refers to an interest-bearing account at a bank or credit union. Sometimes called money market deposit accounts (MMDA), money market accounts have certain features not found in other types of accounts.

Most money market accounts pay a higher interest rate than regular (passbook) savings accounts and often include check writing and debit card privileges. They can also come with restrictions that make them less flexible than a regular checking account. They are important for the calculation of tangible net worth.

First Fidelity Guarantee operates on business principles and core beliefs of honesty, professionalism, industry knowledge, flexibility and on-time availability. In its commitment to excel as a leader in the financial services industry, First Fidelity Guarantee has undergone positive changes within the company over the past few months. Today, they can proudly say that they are the epitome of speed and quality services.

This quality service has seen the company’s services garner rave reviews from its clients. According to a satisfied customer, Darla G Fort. Thomas, Ky: “I am absolutely delighted with the services of First Fidelity Guarantee. It’s really refreshing to work with a financial company that truly cares about the needs, circumstances and preferences of its customers. What really impressed me was how First Fidelity Guarantee took the time to understand where I was at, the company’s depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and no-nonsense approach. The company’s professional, ethical and caring behavior commands my trust and respect and I gladly recommend their services whenever possible.

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