Gherzi, BDO team on financial services for the textile supply chain

In recent years, an increase in regional textile sourcing and the construction of new factories in North America have prompted Swiss apparel consultancy organization Gherzi to expand its regional operations.

BDO is able to offer financial industry analysis, operational due diligence and other financial advisory services.

Gherzi’s North American partner, Robert Antoshak, says, “We felt it was time to add a financial services dimension to our range of capabilities. As a result, BDO represents a premier solution for fiber companies, textile mills and brands that use Gherzi as a complete solution for manufacturing, sourcing, branding and financial resource management.

Robert Berdanier, Managing Director of Corporate Restructuring Services at BDO, adds: “This new collaboration represents an effective way for BDO to leverage its financial know-how and experience in assisting businesses across the supply chain. sourcing to manage their financial exposure in an increasingly uncertain economic environment. time.”

Late last month, apparel industry consultant and Just Style contributor Antoshak joined Gherzi as a North American partner to help serve its brands and manufacturers in the region.

Zurich-based Gherzi describes himself as a leader in strategic development and expansion for companies in the apparel and textile industry, adding that he plans to use Antoshak’s new partner position to strengthen its presence in North America.

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