Forensic Financial Services, Inc. A one-stop-shop offering industry-leading litigation advisory, forensic accounting, and expert witness services

In today’s ever-changing financial world, business disputes, fraud, and other financial wrongdoings are commonplace. Therefore, there is a need for experienced service providers offering efficient services at a fair price considering all perspectives and particular circumstances. here Forensic financial services comes to the rescue by offering sound advice on litigation, forensic accounting and expert witnesses.

Forensic Financial Services (FFS) is a firm of financial experts whose background, experience, academic background and professional outlook enable them to provide a wide range of services. Their experts testify during deposition, arbitration and trial.

Additionally, with years of experience in the analytical and financial industry, they offer a wide range of services including fraud investigation, business valuation, due diligence, and more. The team is renowned for being innovative, thoughtful and sensitive in its approach to complex issues. issues, from transactional and financial analysis services to due diligence investigation services.

Normally retained by attorneys on behalf of individuals and corporate clients, they assist in both plaintiff and defense matters. Their expertise in calculating damages helps plaintiffs achieve maximum result and defendants minimize or defeat claims against them. Business valuation in a litigation environment is complex, their experts know what to do.

Asked about the uniqueness of the platform, Ted Felix, the founder, said: Our reputation for responsive, quality and practical work has made us a trusted advisor to clients and their attorneys. Our reputation is based on the quality of our analyzes and our ability to stay the course where necessary. As seasoned forensic accounting experts, adding us to your litigation team gives you the edge.

The number, complexity and value of transactions in the financial services industry will eventually lead to disputes. Forensic Financial Services has consultants based in Orlando, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and the Dominican Republic.

At Forensic Financial Services, their goal is always to help achieve the best possible outcome for clients as efficiently as possible. They are known for their tough approach and ability to always help fight hard for their clients. To learn more about their services, visit or call 877-FFS-NOW9 (877-337-6699).

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