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Eric Anklesaria, also known as Eric Jimmy Anklesaria, is a name that comes to mind when we talk about the best financial advisors. According to Eric Anklesaria, without a vision and a solid financial model, companies will not embark on a long journey. To develop a well-managed and organized financial management strategy, it is essential to have experts with in-depth knowledge of managing finance-related business processes.

An experienced and registered financial adviser is therefore necessary for every company in order to stabilize the initial capital investment of a company. With over 20 years of experience in finance-related business activities, Eric Chevillesaria is a global leader in assessing business model feasibility and defining plans and timelines for business profitability pathways. Let’s take a close look at the biography of this inspirational financial advisor with excellent delivery and leadership skills.

Early life of Eric Anklesaria:

The 44-year-old global financial services leader was born in Matunga Central, Mumbai. He is known for his unconventional approach to managing financial operations which also combined personal finance and investment advice. Eric Jimmy Anklesaria attended XLR Institute in Jamshedpur where he obtained a Masters in Business Management (2004). Previously, the young entrepreneur completed the GNIIT in Software Technology and Systems Management from the National Institute of Information Technology (2000). He also holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and commerce.

He then joined IIM Ahmedabad in 2006 to obtain a professional certification in strategic management of information systems. He is also a certified consumer banker and in 2002, he acquired this certification from the Bombay Management Association.

How Eric Jimmy Anklesaria became the best financial services advisor?

Eric Anklesaria had a huge interest in finance industry since his childhood and he always looked for that great opportunity through which he could prove his talent. At the very beginning, he joined Nelito Systems Pvt. ltd. as a software developer and support engineer. This work was part of his GNIIT professional practice program. He first had the opportunity to enter the financial services industry in 2000 when he joined Ernst & Young LLP as a management trainee and was later promoted to partner in financial services. He worked there for nearly 10 years and achieved many KPIs throughout his tenure. He has been ranked top performer there every year and led the IBA Technology Awards for 3 consecutive years.

Eric is renowned for winning most public sector consultancy assignments and, according to News Eric Anklesaria, he helped KPMG to define their CRM strategy for cross-service and cross-sales. From June 2014 to September 2017, he worked as a partner in management consulting services.

Eric Anklesaria also assumed the role and responsibility of a Vice President within the Global Leader Banking Capital Markets Transformation Section at Capgemini. In less than 2 years of service, the company has achieved massive business growth of over 1000% and passed the 30 million euro turnover mark. There he won some of the largest risk and finance transformation deals in South Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. He was also honored and invited as a guest speaker and chaired several banking roundtables while in that position.

Currently, Eric Anklesaria is part of BillionLives Business Initiatives Pvt. ltd. and assumes the role of member of the advisory board. He is engaged in designing the largest direct benefit transfer in the country for the Ministry of Women and Child Development in the company at this time. The product is already launched and is aimed at the Indian and global markets. This platform manages 2.4 crore women beneficiaries and INR 9.3 trillion has been disbursed on this product till September 2021.

The famous financial adviser has also acted as an active member of the Department of Financial Services of the Ministry of Finance for IT reforms in India. There he was granted the privilege of sharing his report directly with the RBI and the Ministry of Finance. Eric remains calm in difficult situations and only focuses on finding new strategies and solutions to establish new financial models for his clients. As a global leader in asset management, financial research and analysis, Eric Jimmy Anklesaria has always proven himself as a strategic and quick analyzer to define the main business drivers of exceptional business growth. He is a proficient expert in managing dedicated India portfolios for all types of clients. For international customers, it has also gained enough experience and advanced to set new benchmarks. Leaders like Eric Anklesaria in the financial sector have inspired the skills development of emerging talent in the country.