Create a complete financial plan!

The freefincal robo advisory tool is now available on Google Sheets. You can use it to plan from start to finish for retirement (early, normal, before and after), one-time financial goals (kids education), and recurring financial goals (vacation, appliances, etc.).

The tool would help anyone aged 18 to 80 plan for retirement with a detailed cash flow summary, six other one-time financial goals and four other recurring financial goals.

More than 1000 investors and financial advisors use the tool. The tool was recently featured in the Economic Times: Meet Pattabiraman, the man who helps many plan a better retirement with his calculators.

All entries are fully customizable. It can also be used for commercial purposes. Users will also receive all future updates.

Presentation: The tool is available

  • as an Excel file with macros. It will work on Mac Excel and Windows Excel.
  • on Google Sheets with scripts (replacing Excel macros)

This is a screenshot of Google Sheets editions. The screenshots and video guides below for Excel editing also applies to Google Sheets editing.

Screenshot of the Robo Google Sheets Edition consulting tool

There are nine sheets with the following steps. A detailed video guide is available.

Video guide

Click to play

Robo Consulting Software: Read Me First

This is the End User License Agreement. The user must give his consent during the first use.Robo Consulting Software Free Download

Step 1: User age

A simple solution is proposed for 18 to 25 year olds without any other contribution. Older users will be asked if they are married or not and will be directed to the next sheet.

Step 2 Retirement entries

Here you can enter the details relevant to the creation of your retirement plan

You can include up to three post-retirement income streams

Step 3 Retirement planning

This sheet tells you the investment strategy to adopt before retirement (and until retirement) with a clear breakdown of assets and suggestions for managing the investment portfolio.

If you are retired, you can get an opinion on the health of your retirement corpus.

and a detailed retirement basket investment strategy in case the corpus is good enough.

You can play this simulation game to understand how the bucket strategy works: The Retirement Bucket Strategy Simulator

Step 4 A: Non-recurring goals

You can get a complete investment strategy for one-time goals like your children’s education, a business, etc.

Step 4 B: Recurring Goals

You can also plan recurring goals like a vacation every two years, or a new car or iPhone every few years.

Step 5: Suggested Product Categories + “PlumbLine”

Investment suggestions for financial goals are listed here. Additionally, PlumbLine offers a set of mutual funds to invest in.

Step 6A: Independent Portfolio vs. Unified Portfolio

The cash flow for two different portfolio models is available. You can see the video for more details.

This is a screenshot of step 6A.

Step 6B: Cash Flow

Independent Portfolio

Unified Wallet

Video guide

How to use the Robo advice tool to check if you’re ready to retire

Get the Robo Advisor Tool

All entries are fully customizable. It can also be used for commercial purposes. As of May 2022, over 1000 investors and financial advisors are using the tool. Users will also receive all future updates.

Google Sheets edition (with scripts): Get the robot tool by paying Rs. 5160 (Google Sheets edition; instant download. No refunds allowed). One-click purchase.

Excel edition (with macros): It will work on Mac Excel and Windows Excel.

Get the robot tool by paying Rs. 5160 (Excel edition; instant download. No refunds allowed). For help write to freefincal [AT] Gmail [DOT] com. Please download the file and open it using Excel. One-click purchase.

Outside India? Then use this Paypal link to pay 80USD (please write to freefincal [AT] Gmail [DOT] com after paying).

Beta Testing Team: The robot tool has been tested and improved by a team of friends and readers for over a month: Anirban Ghosh, Anish Mohan, Dashrath Memane, Guru Rudagi, Lokesh Shah, Mahesh Bangadkar, Muthu Krishnan V, Niranjan Kaushik, Prajal Sutaria, @Prashanth_Krish (Follow him on Twitter!!), Srinivasan SR, Sajo C Mathew, Prof. Shriram R, Srinivasan Sundararajan, Sumit Nisal, Vignesh Baskar, Balaji Swaminathan, Amarnath Reddy. I am indebted to them for their time, effort, consideration and dedication. Without their help, this outing would not be possible.

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