City of Kimberley Invites Comments on Financial Plan – Kimberley Daily Bulletin

The City of Kimberley’s 2022-2026 Five-Year Financial Plan is available for review and comment on

As previously reported, Kimberley landowners are eyeing a 5.58% increase in 2022. This follows two years of nominal increases. For an average home, valued at $427,977, that equates to an additional $136 in property taxes. A house worth $350,000 will see an increase of $111 and a house worth $550,000 will see an increase of $175.

To account for the reduced operation of the Aquatic Center during the pandemic, the parcel tax was reduced from a levy of $198.36 in 2019 to a levy of $88.51 last year. With the aquatic center now back to full operating capacity, the package tax is being reduced to pre-pandemic levels and will be set at $204.03 for 2022.

Utility charges will also increase by 2%. Water service charges will increase from $477.12 to $486.66 per year. Sewer service charge increases to $418.08 from $409.83.

The garbage collection fee ($58.32) and recycling collection fee ($11.04) will remain the same. Recycling fees may actually drop this year depending on the rebate the city received from Recycle BC.

The city has planned $11,609,120 in capital projects this year. Some will be fully funded by grants, others by reserves.

The major projects planned are:

  • Reconstruction of Boundary Street $976,577
  • Reconstruction of gymnastics facilities $847,143 (100% funded by third parties)
  • Powering the Mountains Project $817,733 (100% grant funded)
  • Fleet of mobile equipment $750,000 (loader, plow/sander, tandem)
  • Reconstruction of 314th Avenue Road $496,000
  • Center 64 Roof and Truss Repairs $493,322 (90% grant funded)
  • 8th Avenue Mainline (800 Block) $489,000
  • Annual road rehabilitation program $376,541

Financial feedback will be accepted until Thursday, April 14 by emailing [email protected] or by mail to City Hall 340 Spokane St. Kimberley, BC V1A 2E8.