BVI praised for the most successful financial services in the Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) financial services sector has been hailed as the most successful in the Caribbean by Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) consultant, Dr. June Soomer.

Dr Soomer made the comment during his presentation on the BVI’s National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) to the financial services industry at the BVI Finance Breakfast on June 30.

She explained the importance of presentation and input from the financial services industry as an essential part of the consultations needed to ensure adequate representation of the main economic pillars of the BVIs in the drafting of the NSDP, a vision of 15 years and a roadmap for the territory. . Department of Finance Economist Emery Pemberton, who supported the presentation, said the NSDP was led by the Virgin Islands government and was part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He said that the NSDP and achieving the SDG targets is not only the responsibility of government, but also the responsibility of businesses and citizens.

Pemberton pointed out that this was necessary to produce a comprehensive report. Dr Soomer added: “These 17 goals are set by the United Nations, and we had over 70 consultations across the territory as well as a survey to which we received very good responses.

The aim was to identify some of the challenges faced and to assure people that we considered many foundational documents when reviewing the current state of the territory.

The NSDP process began in 2021 and involved consultations with key sectors while reviewing the vision, national goals, national results, implementation framework, monitoring and evaluation framework and way forward. follow for BVI.

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