BCX and Cisco use robots to secure and improve financial services

The best of South Africa Financial services organizations rarely have a conversation today that doesn’t include the topics of digitization, data science, cloud and hybrid data centers, endpoints, security, integration and robotic process automation.

That’s according to Nkosi Kumalo, General Manager of the EXA Business Unit for BCX, who was speaking at a recent TechCentral webinar hosted by BCX and Cisco on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and enabling it at the using SD-WAN and Wi-Fi 6 technologies.

“Customers expect quick access to personalized services at a reasonable cost. But this is a difficult problem for organizations to solve. The challenges they face include legislation, borderless networks, public infrastructure, security, remote working, data sources and potentially a lack of skilled resources,” says Kumalo.

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RPA offloads the manual drudgery of providing network, application, and security services, but simultaneously improves visibility, insight, and ability to act. This gives financial services companies more time for strategic business imperatives, makes them more competitive and maximizes operational efficiency.

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Fast and precise

RPA software supports real-time administrative tasks. It enables companies to manage complex environments quickly and accurately. Combined with reliable, high-speed connectivity such as Wi-Fi 6 and SD-WAN, it ensures that they can improve application performance, make unprecedented volumes of data available at speed, and better secure the environment. holistic, from data to users to infrastructure.

“Cisco’s end-to-end technology-based advisory services solution is the foundation that enables a united fabric to transform digital financial services. It harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to gain insights and automate performance and security. »

BCX’s Nkosi Kumalo

Improving and integrating infrastructure, providing essential visibility, layered intelligence to extract relevant insights, and the ability for rapid automation eliminate all major challenges. They enable financial services companies to deliver new customer experiences, optimize operational performance and improve efficiency, while meeting legislative requirements.

Full observability

“Wi-Fi 6, SD-WAN and RPA in unison and underscored by managed services deliver superior results,” said Conrad Steyn, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering at Cisco Sub-Saharan Africa, during the webinar. . “Applications and data are at the heart of any digitized business and they must deliver exceptional user experiences and services. The RPA, Wi-Fi 6 and SD-WAN unit elevates the organizational knowledge base into the digital layer and provides full stack observability.

Cisco’s global platform enables dynamic allocation to meet workload demands, network availability, and data center resources. The company has agents deployed around the world in public data centers, using AI and ML to allocate resources that dynamically optimize performance and security.

“Application security is critical,” Steyn said, “that’s why applications, traffic, and resources are end-to-end encrypted.”

Cisco’s Conrad Steyn

Cisco applies RPA to cybersecurity through its Zero Trust model which first establishes trust by providing visibility into users, devices, applications, workloads and more. It then builds trust through secure access to networks, applications, resources and communities. Finally, it continues to build trust by continuously verifying these attributes.

Roadmap to resilience

“As BCX, a Cisco Gold Partner, we leverage technology by consulting with our customers to develop roadmaps to resilient, standards-based, and compliant environments,” Kumalo said. “We back this up with our strong network practice, support and managed services, to effectively support and offload the customer burden.”

“Full-stack observability takes customers beyond monitoring individual elements,” Steyn adds. “It provides observability, insights, and actions across all data, apps, and devices, across private and public cloud, and data centers, for a holistic view of the engagement flow.”

RPA engagements in South African companies typically start with understanding security and other ramifications of offloading workloads to bots. Clients understand the reputational implications if they do not address the challenges of traditional approaches. Finding skills and talent to support their RPA journey in support of digital transformation is key to minimizing exposure. Finally, the development of the transformation roadmap must take into account the unique environment of each organization in the context of its strategic and business objectives.

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