Anderson & Associates Announces Partnership with Global Financial Services Company

Tallahassee, Fla.–(Newsfile Corp. – Oct. 26, 2022) – Investment banking and asset protection firm Anderson & Associates will partner with a global financial services company. The company said that this partnership will allow it to increase its financing capacity by concluding transactions through the following financial instruments: SBLC, BG, LTN, MTN, KTT, SKR, POF, bank draft, monetization financing, purchase and sale of financial instruments and advice. . In doing so, the company expects to provide increased financing to its customers, which are primarily medium to large-sized businesses.

In the company’s view, providing increased financing to its clients will not only attract higher net worth businesses, but will also help its current clients develop and grow as businesses. The company’s rationale is that increased funding will help its clients exceed their short-term goals, allowing them to take a deeper look at their longer-term goals, as well as their ways to create more lasting benefits. Once a company can earn profits reliably and sustainably, it has more room to explore other ways to generate profits or innovate its current practices to achieve greater profits. With enough trial and error, a well-run business will usually refine its methods and can also branch out into other complementary ways of generating income. Anderson & Associates believes that providing increased financing to its clients will create more rewarding and lucrative clients over the long term.

Anderson & Associates’ desire to help its clients realize lasting benefits is underpinned by its focus on sustainability in general. The company tends not to view financial sustainability and environmental sustainability as being essentially different. The company views environmental sustainability as necessary to achieve financial sustainability, and also views financial sustainability as essential to creating environmental sustainability. This conviction will inform the company’s future development projects. The company partnered with a general contractor to develop commercial and residential spaces. The whole process will be conducted in accordance with the company’s focus on “people, planet, profit”, which sees the three topics as being inextricably linked in practice. These construction projects are expected to begin in 2023.

Although Anderson & Associates began as a commercial finance company for nonprofit organizations in 2018, the company quickly transitioned into providing services to small and medium-sized businesses. The business grew rapidly and by 2020 only served wealthy clients. In making this transition, the company began offering investment banking, business development advice and asset protection to its clients. The company currently only facilitates deals between $5 million and $50 billion in net worth, and may increase their minimum net worth for deals in the near future as the company continues to grow. Anderson & Associates’ pivotal shift from serving nonprofits to increasingly high-net-worth clients is based on the firm’s belief that more positive and pragmatic changes can be made in the for-profit sphere. than in the non-profit sphere.

Anderson & Associates does not believe that having such a high net worth requirement for its client base will hurt low net worth individuals and businesses. The company sees the lack of resources for entry-level entrepreneurship as key to creating great entrepreneurs. For this reason, Anderson & Associates believes that providing easy financing would not help aspiring long-term entrepreneurs. Company founder Dr. Anderson explains this belief: “For me, success is never giving up, even when you have every reason to quit. A true entrepreneur is one who has the desire to make, to build and/or offer a product or service, there’s nothing to start with but a dream and some sort of way to make it happen.”

Founded in 2018, Anderson & Associates specializes in capital raising, acquisitions, stabilization, asset protection, engineering and architectural development for high net worth clients. Anderson & Associates plans to expand to include at least fifty microprocessors to facilitate financial transactions for their customers and one hundred investment banking specialists worldwide.

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